SIT KIP PRODUCTIONS IS THE BRAIN CHILD OF KATE KINZIE. Founded IN 2013, Sit Kip is named after her dog who never sits. Kate has built Sit Kip to OFFER A RANGE OF SERVICES, the main focus being, Chicago based small businesses + artists, showing art + commerce from all sides.


Sit Kip Productions works incredibly hard to use the best possible tools suited for each project. Since each person or business is unique, so are the cameras, lenses, and various equipment.


Using uncommon angles to tell a story is one of the the principle methods of Sit Kip. Whatever it takes to get the correct shot while making the costumer comfortable is what is strived for.


Sit Kip works on a small scale - using natural light as much as possible and just the right amount of equipment to make the client feel comfortable enough to share their story.