Here are just a Few examples of how we bring the personality of your small business to life through branded films.


George Schaefer + Leigh-Anne Riebold of Norman Leigh

Leigh-Anne Riebold + George Norman Schaefer, of Norman Leigh take woodworking to the next level. Wanting to keep pounds out of the landfill, they use as much sustainable wood as they can. That means finding wood in alleys, tear downs or contractors getting rid of excess materials. Using new lumber for custom work, such as plant walls + large dining tables, they also make a range of staple products like live-edge hanging shelving + wall mirrors.

It’s an important message that we should be more sustainable in the products we buy and story that comes with that product. It was important to show both the reclaimed + custom sides of their business with close-ups of the types of wood, and in different conditions.

Jean Cate, owner + curator of Martha Mae.

When you walk into Jean Cate’s hand-curated shop in the Andersonville neighborhood, a sense of calm tranquility overcomes you. That’s the intent of Martha Mae. She works with other small businesses around the world to bring her customers beautifully crafted art supplies + beautiful things, as the full name suggests.

We wanted to carefully show these carefully sourced products, while also highlighting Jean’s own talents as a painter, illustrator and love of well made supplies for the art world.

Lydia Crespo, creator of Argaman & Defiance.

Lydia Crespo created Argaman & Defiance after attending SAIC for fiber & material studies. She was a natural at creating 'hard-to-achieve' dyes and her work has evolved into incredible hues that everyone wants.

We wanted to know the origins of A & D while providing as much of a tangible feeling of the fabrics as possible!

If you're interested in learning more, scroll down for a tutorial on creating your OWN dye!

Kerri Sherman, photographer.

Kerri Sherman has been involved with photography for eight years as well as film editing prior to that. That experience has lent itself to capture a vast range of subjects, from dilapidated Vegas signage, to beautiful family portraits.

With that in mind, we wanted to connect the viewer with what Kerri's eye saw out of a seemingly normal situation. We found the  beauty in a salad and the detailed progress on a building site. But it's the connection with people that set her apart from the rest. She knows how to make you feel comfortable + see your authenticity. 

Hallie Borden, owner of Milk Handmade.

Hallie Borden opened Milk Handmade in 2012 with the purpose of showcasing, you guessed it, all handmade products - 75% of which is made in Chicago. Products range from nourishing skincare to glamorous yet comfortable clothing, to jewelry & accessories that she works with local artisans on to create capsule collections exclusively available at her boutique.

We decided to show what goes into making four pieces that were sold in the store from four different artists in Chicago - a leather maker, jewelry designer, & two different clothing designers.

Adé Hogue, freelance graphic designer.

Adé Hogue is a brilliant letterer & graphic designer. Having worked as both a freelancer and a creative director at a design firm, he can work on any medium. 

When you think, "graphic designer" perhaps you think sitting in front of the computer, moving the cursor around. While Adé does love creating designs & letters in Adobé, we're convinced there isn't a medium that he can't work on.

We wanted viewers to see the widened scope of Adé's work -- from creating something on a computer, to sawing a wooden logo, or painting on suitcases, his body of work is limitless.


Sit Kip has collaborated with various artists & small businesses to bring you tutorials done in a fun, educational, easy-to-follow way!


 Argaman & Defiance shows you how to make an amazing, olive green dye from red onion skins [with the help of some Iron + Alum]. Everything is completely natural. Lydia offers a range of products, from crop tops, infinity scarves, to wine bottle covers that she dyes herself, using ecologically safe dyes.

We wanted to keep the directions as simple as possible, while still keeping to her aesthetic of clean & bright!

 The Shudio shows you how to sustainably make two different types of seed bombs that will attract bees. You can either use clay or old newspaper, some soil and seeds to make a beautiful pot of flowers for all to enjoy!

Clyde's Rebirth demonstrates how to plant some leafy, green succulents & cacti. 

With both of us being raised on a fresh, cut-flower farm in Southwest Wisconsin, Merl + I wanted to demonstrate in an easy way, how you could have a little greenery in their life and make it individualized. Since we both have photography backgrounds, it made sense to combine our small businesses and collaborate on this project.  


Sit Kip collaborated with Clyde's Rebirth on many solo projects, the most recent being a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her most recent handmade, brass bracelet, "Wanda" + a necklace workshop.